[PATCH] ucc_geth.c, make PHY device optional.

Li Yang-r58472 LeoLi at freescale.com
Wed Jul 4 23:13:32 EST 2007

> OK, but then a new property in PHY node is needed which holds
> the initial speed and duplex.
> initial-phy-capacity = <speed duplex> ?
> This should be useful for real PHYs too if, for instance, autoneg
> working/supported/wanted.
> Maybe it should be:
> initial-phy-capacity = <speed duplex autoneg>
> or
> initial-phy-capability = <speed duplex autoneg>

How about separate autoneg to a property "dumb-phy", which indicates the
PHY/switch doesn't provide MII register interface.  Therefore, it should
use the fixed speed and duplex from device node rather than registers.

- Leo

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