Should of_device_is_compatible() use strcmp() rather than strncasecmp()?

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Wed Jul 4 22:09:14 EST 2007

>> Does anything actually rely on this behavior?
> Things did in the past rely on the case-insensitive comparison but
> probably don't any more.  I recall an issue with "ata" vs. "ATA" on
> the powerbook 3400.

Yes, and there are some AAPL, vs. aapl, things too; and an
i2c thing as well.  Probably more.  Nothing unfixable of course,

> As for the "n" part, I don't recall exactly why that was done.  I
> think we should change it to use strcmp and fix any drivers that
> break.

...we first need to find the problem spots.  If we switch early
in the .23 series, will that be enough time to find all (important)


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