Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Tue Jul 3 09:21:18 EST 2007

Jason Wessel writes:

> I suppose the argument could be made to remove the check in the compiled 
> file, but it does serve as a way to protect kgdb for now if someone 
> tries to hard compile in xmon and kgdb.  Completely unpredictable 
> results will occur with the debugger unless some pieces are fixed.  I 
> would rather make sure until that happens there is no way head down the 
> rat hole.

It should all work provided kgdb plays nicely.  We used to be able to
compile in both xmon and kdb and select at runtime which one gets

> That issue aside would it be useful to have xmon+kgdb?  After having 
> looked at the hook points for xmon, if a command was added to xmon to 
> provide an "detach" it would be easy enough to have kgdb and xmon in the 
> same kernel.  Obviously only one or the other can be used at any given time.

Well, xmon_init(0) will do a detach.  However, I don't see that it is
needed; there is plenty of flexibility to choose to have xmon or not
using the CONFIG_XMON_DEFAULT config option and the xmon= boot command
line option.


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