[PATCH] powerpc: Fix irq routing on some PowerMac 32 bits

Zang Roy-r61911 tie-fei.zang at freescale.com
Thu Jan 11 16:36:18 EST 2007

On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 13:28, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > The problem was induced by PCI bridge just as Haiying explained.
> Until
> > now, we do not describe PCI bridge in device tree. Only PCI host has
> the
> > "reg" property. We can not identify the PCI device on bus 0 or bus 1
> by
> > node in device tree. The difference between device tree and OF might
> > introduce potential bugs for PCI bus. We should consider the
> difference.
> That's fine, there is no problem in doing that, though I do recommend
> as
> a general rule to put PCI-to-PCI bridges that are soldered on the
> board
> in the device-tree,
I agree! I will try to improve PCI-to-PCI bridges description on my 85xx
CDS board support.
Hope to get your support about OF.
>  you don't absolutely have to.
> > > In any case, a patch is definitely needed to properly check for
> > > and
> > > should get into 2.6.20, so if you want to do it, it will be much
> > > welcome !
> > I will provide it later.
> This urgent, I'll do a patch myself and send it to paulus.
urgent for me too. I'll do it now. Let's see ...

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