[PATCH] Probe Efika platform before CHRP.

Sylvain Munaut tnt at 246tNt.com
Tue Jan 9 00:16:01 EST 2007

Sylvain Munaut wrote:
> 2) What I'd really like to see fixed (but that I can't mark as
> 'bugs' as obviously as the other)
>  - The compatible properties of system node (like sram,
>    bestcomm and pic) should at least include the mpc52xx-...
>    strings as defined in the 'linux' bindings. Better than
>    include, be exacty what has been defined but include would
>    "do the trick".
Forgot something here :

The "bestcomm" node should have all the interrupts for all task
in it's interrupts property instead of a non existent IRQ.
Currently it does have <2 0 3> which doesn't really exists (it's the
casaded interrupt IIRC, this is from memory, no time to check
that now).
And it should have <3 0 0> <3 1 0> .... <3 15 0>.
Because those are really bestcomm interrupt and I think they
do belong there.

I know I can find thos in your "bestcomm-txtask bestcomm-rxtask"
nodes for preloaded tasks and it's good they are there.
But what if I want to use DMA for PSC6 where you didn't
load anytask ... I can find some free ram in the sram node, some
non-used tasks id but I got nowhere to find the interrupt ...
So I'd like to have them there as well ...


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