R_PPC_ADDR16_HI relocs in PPC modules ?

Simon Vallet linux-ppc at castalie.org
Wed Jan 3 03:25:54 EST 2007


I'm currently trying to port a binary-only driver to Linux/PPC using a
MacOS X driver as a starting point. "Translating" this driver to ELF32
gives an object that links into a .ko without too much problems.

However, trying to insmod the resulting object gives the following
error message:

unknown ADD relocation: 5

which refers to R_PPC_ADDR16_HI relocations. The error message comes
from apply_relocate_add() in arch/powerpc/kernel/module_32.c, which
deals with R_PPC_ADDR16_LO and R_PPC_ADDR16_HA relocs, but not
R_PPC_ADDR16_HI ones.

Is there a reason for this ? Those relocs directly come from the
mapping of PPC_RELOC_HI16 in the original driver, and i'd rather not
transpose them into R_PPC_ADDR16_HA.

If there are no reasons, then how about the following patch ?
(this is against, but the problem is still present in 2.6.19 kernels)

--- arch/powerpc/kernel/module_32.c.orig	2007-01-02 17:07:21.000000000 +0100
+++ arch/powerpc/kernel/module_32.c	2007-01-02 17:11:55.000000000 +0100
@@ -222,6 +222,11 @@ int apply_relocate_add(Elf32_Shdr *sechd
 			*(uint16_t *)location = value;
+		case R_PPC_ADDR16_HI:
+			/* Higher half of the symbol */
+			*(uint16_t *)location = (value >> 16);
+			break;
 		case R_PPC_ADDR16_HA:
 			/* Sign-adjusted lower 16 bits: PPC ELF ABI says:
 			   (((x >> 16) + ((x & 0x8000) ? 1 : 0))) & 0xFFFF.

Note that I'm quite new to the kernel in general, so feel free to point me to 
another list if you think my questions are inappropriate here.


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