purpose of /chosen node (was RE: [PATCH] powerpc: delete boot-cpu and chosen nodes from all DTSfiles)

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Feb 16 18:38:08 EST 2007

> I understand that point, but mixing the types of properties in
> /chosen doesn't buy us anything.  We shouldn't be shackled by
> the 1275 spec,

Sure, you have some special needs, and some ways in which
the flat tree just _is_ different from an OF device tree;
for example, you don't have instances and ihandles.

Still it doesn't help anyone (and will in fact hurt
everyone) if people start to introduce random incompatibilities
for no good reason at all.

> but having nodes like /chosen with designated
> purpose architecturally make sense.

Yes.  And since this node already has a well-defined
purpose in OF, you better use it for that purpose only
and make a /flattree/grabbag node for your random stuff.

> /chosen shouldn't be a catch-all or a convenient place to stick
> stuff.  I think in this case following 1275 is a good thing.


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