patches for 2.6.22

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri Apr 27 21:25:19 EST 2007

I have pushed out some more patches to the for-2.6.22 branch of the
powerpc.git repository.  I intend in the next couple of days to ask
Linus to pull that branch.

If anyone has patches that I haven't picked up yet which they think
should go into 2.6.22, please send me either a pointer to the
patches if previously posted to linuxppc-dev, or post them to
linuxppc-dev.  Note that I don't read linuxppc-embedded, and I rely on
platform maintainers to forward any patches that are ready for
inclusion to me and the linuxppc-dev list.

I'm willing to take arch/ppc patches that fix bugs or generally keep
the existing platforms there working.  I don't want to put large lumps
of new code in there, though.

Due to a mistake on my part (I put in the pasemi RNG driver) I have
had to rebase some of the patches in for-2.6.22 branch, so if you have
done a pull of the for-2.6.22 or master branches in the last 5 hours,
please do a pull -f to get the new set.


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