[PATCH 9/13] powerpc: Add arch/powerpc mv64x60 I2C platform data setup

Mark A. Greer mgreer at mvista.com
Thu Apr 26 11:13:28 EST 2007

On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 02:55:03AM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Thursday 26 April 2007, Mark A. Greer wrote:
> > of_find_compatible_node() is not being called from a driver, its being
> > called from platform code.  Its extracting info from the device tree and
> > setting up the platform_data required by the driver.
> Well, the idea of putting the device driver code into a platform specific

It isn't device driver code.  It providing the driver with some info
that it needs but doesn't have the ability to get, in general.

> location is the smaller part of the problem. Even if it was the right
> thing to scan the tree and then create platform_data instead of using
> the of_device, that code would still belong into the device driver.

I don't think of_device is going to work very well on MIPS.


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