[PATCH 1/6] Start split out of common open firmware code

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Apr 25 12:07:34 EST 2007

>>> If you can get me access to all of the old PowerMac or CHRP crap with
>>> broken device-tree's ...
>> No I can't, which is exactly why I cannot fix it myself.
>>> Note that I don't think there's much cases of such breakage on the
>>> field,
>> For PowerPC it is mostly the G3 PowerMacs I believe.
> I have one of those.  What exactly do you need from it?  I can 
> probably do
> some testing with it if needs be.

I'll cook up a patch when Stephen's patch series hits
a Git tree.  Testing would basically be trying to run
a kernel with all possible devices enabled, and seeing
if they all still work as expected.

Thanks for offering your help!  Let's see what happens
next week or so :-)


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