[PATCH 3/6] Consolidate of_find_property

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Apr 25 10:43:44 EST 2007

>> The only change here is that a readlock is taken while the property 
>> list
>> is being traversed on Sparc where it was not taken previously.
>> Also, Sparc uses strcasecmp to compare property names while PowerPC
>> uses strcmp.
> Ok, so that's the opposite as the previous one... property names are
> supposed to be case sensitive though, no ?

The OF standard doesn't allow upper case in property
names at all.

> I don't think we would take much risk on ppc by
> using strncasecmp but it shouldn't be necessary...

There are some examples where upper case is actually
used in property names, unfortunately.  These can
be solved by renaming/copying those properties to
all lower case in a bootwrapper, or by strcmp() to
the "cased" string, or by strcasecmp().  I for one
don't like either option, you figure it out ;-)


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