[PATCH 2/2] POWERPC: Remove global CPM mappings

Dan Malek dan at embeddedalley.com
Wed Apr 25 06:24:42 EST 2007

On Apr 24, 2007, at 1:18 AM, Vitaly Bordug wrote:

> At first I was thinking of make_everybody_happy solution,

Just make me happy :-)  The problem with these
"works in progress" submissions is no one ever
goes back to properly finish them, so I suspect
this code you are checking in, which I don't
like at all, is going to just stay there and bug
me until _I_ fix it.

> I know it can be more efficient. And I am looking at this way, but  
> it just cannot
> be achieved via single step.

Why?  Because it's more work than you want to do?

> TODO list includes rehaul of GPIO (with long-time-grown
> feature_call + device tree bindings that were implemented for 8360  
> but looks reasonable), muxing, etc.

Nothing you have done so far affects any of this.
The things you are changing are the very basic
support functions.  You'll never go back and
fix these because then the excuse will be
"all of the drivers now use it."

> This patch just fixes what already exist in kernel, removing the  
> global IMMR pointer

It doesn't "fix" anything, it just changes the model to make it
more heavyweight.

> and bringing all remaining code paths to the same need_stuff- 
> >immr_map->use_it->immr_unmap model.

That's not the model.  The model is:  driver init maps IMMR,
driver uses it's local mapping, driver unloaded unmaps IMMR.
We don't map/unmap on every use.  The macros should be
given this mapped immr as a parameter, not always
map and unmap because it takes more than five minutes
to properly change all of the APIs.

> Current code is messy at some parts, and this what I am trying to  
> address (with current patch and upcomings).

IMHO this does nothing to clean it up.  I don't understand
the big deal about needing to remove the IMMR as a global
pointer.  The kernel has lots of other global variables that
no one seems concerned about and admit they must be
present.  These crappy macros and hacks in the name of
removing a global IMMR just isn't right.

> Thanks for looking at it!

I'm not in any agreement this is correct nor do I want to
see the crap checked in.  You're turning a simple,
couple of clock cycle memory access into huge overhead,
probably context switchable operation.  Someone is
going to grab a spin lock, and end up crashing on
what appears to be a trivial memory access.....

This is not progress.


	-- Dan

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