[PATCH] ib_core: Add missing device link to class device

Joachim Fenkes FENKES at de.ibm.com
Tue Apr 24 22:06:59 EST 2007

Roland Dreier <rdreier at cisco.com> wrote on 23.04.2007 21:17:48:

> Hmm, I have links like this on my system already:
> the patch actually looks sane but I don't understand why it's needed.
> Could you explain?

I had a look at the kernel code -- currently, all device drivers except
ehca do this by themselves:

1110         dev->ibdev.dma_device = &(dev->rdev.rnic_info.pdev->dev);
1111         dev->ibdev.class_dev.dev = &(dev->rdev.rnic_info.pdev->dev);

798         dev->ibdev.dma_device = &dev->pcidev->dev;
799         dev->ibdev.class_dev.dev = &dev->pcidev->dev;

1559         dev->dma_device = &dd->pcidev->dev;
1560         dev->class_dev.dev = dev->dma_device;

1295         dev->ib_dev.dma_device           = &dev->pdev->dev;
1296         dev->ib_dev.class_dev.dev        = &dev->pdev->dev;

So I think it makes a lot of sense to put the class_dev.dev assignment
into generic ib_core code instead of repeating it in all the drivers.
The respective lines could move out of the drivers in the future but
won't hurt anyone until then.

What's your take on this?


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