[PATCH] powerpc: enable make install

Akinobu Mita mita at fixstars.com
Tue Apr 10 21:05:31 EST 2007

make help on powerpc says make install is available.
But it failed due to no rule to make install.

This patch enables to work make install.

Signed-off-by: Akinobu Mita <mita at fixstars.com>

Index: 2.6-git-ps3/arch/powerpc/Makefile
--- 2.6-git-ps3.orig/arch/powerpc/Makefile
+++ 2.6-git-ps3/arch/powerpc/Makefile
@@ -167,6 +167,9 @@ define archhelp
   @echo '  *_defconfig     - Select default config from arch/$(ARCH)/configs'
+	$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=$(boot) BOOTIMAGE=$(KBUILD_IMAGE) install
 	$(Q)$(MAKE) $(clean)=$(boot)
Index: 2.6-git-ps3/arch/powerpc/boot/Makefile
--- 2.6-git-ps3.orig/arch/powerpc/boot/Makefile
+++ 2.6-git-ps3/arch/powerpc/boot/Makefile
@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ $(obj)/zImage:		$(addprefix $(obj)/, $(i
 $(obj)/zImage.initrd:	$(addprefix $(obj)/, $(initrd-y))
 	@rm -f $@; ln $< $@
-install: $(CONFIGURE) $(image-y)
+install: $(CONFIGURE) $(addprefix $(obj)/, $(image-y))
 	sh -x $(srctree)/$(src)/install.sh "$(KERNELRELEASE)" vmlinux System.map "$(INSTALL_PATH)" $<
 clean-files += $(addprefix $(objtree)/, $(obj-boot) vmlinux.strip.gz)

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