[PATCH 10/11] Add MPC8360EMDS board support

Jon Loeliger jdl at jdl.com
Thu Sep 28 00:14:05 EST 2006

So, like, the other day "Li Yang-r58472" mumbled:

> Agreed.  As we are adding more devices to the device tree, we should
> also have a guideline clearly stated for adding new nodes.  
> I'm adding MURAM as a new node under QE bus.  Please comment.
>                 muram at 10000 {
>                         device_type = "memory";
>                         ranges = <0 00010000 0000c000>;
>                         data-only at 0{
>                                 reg = <0 c000>;
>                         };
>                 };
> - Leo

So, does it make sense for this node to participate in the early scan
of memory available during the early_init_dt_scan_memory() pass?

Out of curiosity, is "data-only" a standard thing, or did you make
that up too?  What's it mean?	

And your patch for this new node introduction will contain
proposed additions to the QE section of the booting-without-of
documentation, right?


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