[PATCH] Remove powerpc specific parts of 3c509 driver

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Sep 20 10:25:35 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 02:21 +0200, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> > Nah. We have the basic rule that readl/writel are little endian.  
> > PowerPC
> > additionally provides arch specific low level in_{be,le}32 type
> > accessors with explicit endianness. Or you can also use
> > cpu_to_le32/le32_to_cpu kind of macros to convert between native and
> > explicit endianness.
> Sure, PCI busses are little-endian.  But is readX()/writeX() for PCI
> only?  I sure hope not.

It's defined for PCI and possibly ISA memory. You can use it for other
things if you whish to, but "other things" are arch specific in any

> It would make a lot more sense if readX()/writeX() used the endianness
> of the bus they are performed on.

No way ! Again, it's evil if such a simple thing start doing different
things depending on random external factors.

Different bus -> different accessor.

We defined on PowerPC that readl was fine for anything that comes out of
ioremap and is little endian, but that's also why you have the explicit
{in,out}_{le,be}{16,32}. That's what you should use in fact with non-PCI
busses unless you know you are LE.

> PowerPC byteswaps are cheap -- for 16- and 32-bit accesses.  They're quite bad for 64-bit though; it would
> be a pity to end up doing two of those for a 64-bit big-endian I/O  
> access
> (one on the access itself, one to convert the data back to CPU order).
> This would happily solve the problem of the various variations of
> byte-swapping bus bridges, too ("natural" swap, 32-bit swap, 64-bit  
> swap,
> perhaps others that I thankfully have never seen or cannot remember).
> Now you can say, use readl_be() or something similar, but that's a)  
> ugly,
> b) error-prone, c) exponential interface explosion, d) ugly.

I'd rather has an interface explosion than having black endian magic
happening inside of the accessors.


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