Linux on custom Xilinx board with PPC405 hangs on boot

Peter N. Andreasen peterarbejde at
Fri Sep 15 00:13:46 EST 2006

Thank you for the advice.
Now I have been able to insert instructions to display a number on an
attached display which means that I can now see that the code runs until the
file head_4xx.S in the line where the comment is "Now turn on the MMU for
real" and then calls start_kernel by way of an rfi instruction. The
processor then ends up in the Instruction storage exception where I have
placed another write to the display.
Do you have any idea how to find out what happened here?

On 9/12/06, Andrei Konovalov <akonovalov at> wrote:
> "console=ttyS0" (not "/dev/ttyS0" BTW) is for 16x50 compatible UART.
> UartLite needs something like "console=ttl0".
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