[Cbe-oss-dev] automount support

Arnd Bergmann arnd.bergmann at de.ibm.com
Thu Sep 14 03:35:17 EST 2006

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 17:01, William Chung wrote:
> I noticed that the stock cell kernel does not enable the autofs and 
> autofs4 modules.  The stock Fedora Core 5 kernel does have these modules 
> enabled.  What is the reason for disabling automount support?  Would there 
> be any issues to changing arch/powerpc/configs/cell_defconfig to enable 
> the autofs and autofs4 modules?

While there are no technical reasons against it, it increases build
time on my development system, and I generally try to avoid
adding modules that are not generally needed.

The other defconfig files are inconsistent in this regard:

arch/powerpc/configs/cell_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/cell_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/chrp32_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/chrp32_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/g5_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/iseries_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/maple_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/maple_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/pmac32_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/ppc64_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is not set
arch/powerpc/configs/pseries_defconfig:# CONFIG_AUTOFS_FS is not set

I guess having one of them is pretty common, but not both.
Which one do you prefer?

	Arnd <><

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