Kernel panic: kernel access of bad area pc

Will Schmidt will_schmidt at
Tue Sep 12 01:37:12 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-08-09 at 15:32 -0700, ppc64 at wrote:
> I have a process to create tape boot images by combining the kernel and initrd 
> into a zImage. The process works for 2.4 (RHEL 3.3) & 2.6 kernels (SLES9 & 
> RHEL4). However on SLES8 ppc64 the kernel panics with "error kernel access of 
> bad area pc". 
> Anyone have an idea what is causing the failure? The error message appears to 
> be pretty generic.

The exception is a "TRAP: 0600"  which is an alignment interrupt.  

the trap occurred at NIP: C000000000085874 

Get an objdump of your kernel, (or drop into xmon/kdb and use the
disassembler commands) and see what instruction lives at that NIP
address, and which registers it is referencing.   (Then its a matter of
finding out why the registers have bad data in them). 

(You probally have already done this, but if not... )  If you're booting
off of tape in this instance, may want to try booting off of disk, and
doing some tape operations after successful boot, to ensure the driver
is all OK.  


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