[4/5] powerpc: PA Semi PWRficient platform support

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Sep 7 21:28:25 EST 2006

>> How about I keep it this way until Maple is fixed then? It's  
>> better to keep it
>> fairly common anyway. Functionally there's no difference.
> Well, the platform-open-pic thingy comes from the CHRP spec.

I can't find it there.  I'm looking at version 1.0; maybe it's
in a newer version that I don't have?  It's not in the PAPR
either (the "open" version, anyway).

> I'm no fan
> of it but it looks like we do need it on pseries and I haven't
> completely given up with having common mpic discovery routine...

Sure.  "Just look for the MPIC node and use it with one ISU" won't
work on an actual Maple anyway afaics, it won't find the right
base address for it in its device tree.

I'll make something nice that maybe even you will like ;-)

>>> Very nice, I'll convert maple to do the same (unless someone beats
>>> me to it, heh).
>> Maple isn't that different there. It just has to deal with  
>> multiple ISUs,
>> while we currently only have one.
> Maple doesn't have multiple ISUs

Exactly.  All "real" OpenPICs don't; let's just recognise that fact.


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