[2.6.19 PATCH 1/7] ehea: interface to network stack

Francois Romieu romieu at fr.zoreil.com
Tue Sep 5 07:49:45 EST 2006

Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de> :
> The driver should get merged as a single commit anyway, even
> if split diffs are posted for review. Even if it gets merged
> like this, bisect will work since the Kconfig option is added
> in the final patch.

I have seen/done worse but it's not exactly pretty.

> > > +?????int i;
> >
> > unsigned int ?
> does it matter? int as a counter is pretty standard.

ppc64 takes unsigned int as a little optimization. I do not know how
the target platform behaves here.


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