Please pull powerpc.git 'merge' branch

Linus Torvalds torvalds at
Mon Sep 4 05:16:44 EST 2006


I wrote a sparse extension that warns if an initializer tries to 
initialize the same entry multiple times.

Look what it found:

 - arch/powerpc/platforms/powermac/pfunc_base.c:259

	static struct pmf_handlers macio_mmio_handlers = {
	        .write_reg32            = macio_do_write_reg32,
	        .read_reg32             = macio_do_read_reg32,
	        .write_reg8             = macio_do_write_reg8,
	        .read_reg32             = macio_do_read_reg8,
	        .read_reg32_msrx        = macio_do_read_reg32_msrx,
	        .read_reg8_msrx         = macio_do_read_reg8_msrx,
	        .write_reg32_slm        = macio_do_write_reg32_slm,
	        .write_reg8_slm         = macio_do_write_reg8_slm,
	        .delay                  = macio_do_delay,

Can anybody see anything suspicious there?


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