[PATCH 1/2] Add MPC52xx Interrupt controller support for ARCH=powerpc

Nicolas DET nd at bplan-gmbh.de
Tue Oct 31 18:49:29 EST 2006

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>>> set_irq_type() does nothing if you haven't hooked a set_type callback to
>>> your irq_chip and none of yours does so just drop it for now and look at
>>> how this is done in mpic or ipic. If you actually want to implement
>>> proper set_type (which you might need to do if you want that code to
>>> work without having the firmware pre-initialize interrupts with the
>>> right type at boot), you probably want to set the handler in
>>> set_irq_type().
>> Our Firmware wil lalways preinit correctly the hw. Moreover, chaning the 
>> setting would propably rpevent PCI IRQ (as PCI are IRQ[0-3].
>> So I should just remove the set_irq_type() call?
> Just remove it for now. I'll look into making things better later. Your
> firmware might setup the stuff properly, 


>but others will probably not
> and this driver will be used by others :)

In this case: shouldn't the platform init correctly setup the hw instead 
of the Firmware?

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