[PATCH 1/2] Add MPC52xx Interrupt controller support for ARCH=powerpc

Kumar Gala galak at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Oct 31 12:11:10 EST 2006

>> * lets drop all the other struct defn in mpc52xx.h.  This is a hold
>> over from arch/ppc and we really should only put defn that we
>> actually need closer to the code that uses them (ie, drivers, etc.)
> Most of the struct that were in mpc52xx.h are the ones used in more  
> than
> one driver.
> (or don't really belong to a driver)
> That's why they've been left there and not in the driver header, so I
> would leave those
> there.
> (e.g. the IDE struct is not there, neither is the FEC. But sdma is  
> used
> at several place
> for example, so is rtc, xlb and cdm, ...)

I can see that some of these might be used, like SDMA, XLB, and CDM.   
However, others like RTC should really be done via a single driver.   
Additionally, I'd have to see code use GPIO, SDRAM, GPT, etc before I  
think we should have them defined here.  I'd rather we add these  
items as they are used rather than having them here wholesale.

- kumar

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