[PATCH] General CHRP/MPC5K2 platform support patch

Nicolas DET nd at bplan-gmbh.de
Thu Oct 26 05:05:38 EST 2006

This patch add support for MPC52xx/CHRP/OFW platform.

It contains the minimal changes required: platform/chrp/ and the
interrupt controller code.

This one is slightly different than the one I submitted previously.

* /proc/ppc64/rtas/ I left it for now. It's not really the concern of
this patch.

* mpc5k2_bestcomm.c (& helpers): I've been in contact with others people
using bestcomm and please to see the development was still active. I'm
already using latest code on my board but this is not include in this
patch. Indeed, it needs some changes for ARCH=powerpc. Moreover, we have
a different approach for the tasks. I'll be pleased to work with the
bestcomm folks.

* mpc5k2.c: As far as I understood, using of_platform_device will allow
'smart' of tree parsing. I did not implement it yet.

* mpc5k2_pic.c : The thingy ;-). I moved it into arch/powerpc/sysdev as
suggested. This code is 99% copy/paste from the ARCH=ppc. I added an
irq_host with the appropriate xlate and co. However, I have not done
more as this code has been written by others. I think we should work
together to move to new Linux style irq. I stay ready to test or code
upcoming revision/

* arch/powerpc/platform/*. Here, only small changes has been made. I
added _CHRP_E5K2 (in asm/processor.h), an entry in chrp_names() and the
correct detection in arch/powerpc/platform/setup.c / chrp_setup_arch().
in chrp_init_IRQ(), I set ppc_md.get_irq to mpc52xx_get_irq and call

* fec driver: I did not wrote it and just made small modification to
make it works with our bestcomm API. However, we will soon you the same.
I think this is out of topic for his patch.

* serial stuff / IBP Freq. As this frequency is MPC52xx specific. I
think it would make sense to add a new func mpc52xx_getipbfreq(void).
The way it would be implemented may depend of the architecture. Our
firmware contains an 'ipb-freq' property in '/builtin/'.

Signed-off-by: Nicolas DET <nd at bplan-gmbh.de>
Signed-off-by: Sven Luther <sl at bplan-gmbh.de>

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