[PATCH] General CHRP/MPC5K2 Platform and drivers support - to comment

Matt Sealey matt at genesi-usa.com
Thu Oct 26 00:56:29 EST 2006

Kumar Gala wrote:
>> so you can have a Book E with AltiVec, or has it's own new
>> book (VLE, which is an IBM-ified copy of the e200 Core
>> Reference Manual Addendum)
> There is far more new in the 2.03 spec than just merging of various
> existing specs as you are stating.  Please be more careful with general
> statements like this.  The Book III-E has some significant changes from
> Book-E 1.0.

I don't think any of it suddenly makes a billion existing processors
completely incompatible.

Matt Sealey <matt at genesi-usa.com>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations

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