kernel BUG in __cache_alloc_node at linux-2.6.git/mm/slab.c:3177!

Will Schmidt will_schmidt at
Sat Oct 21 01:19:25 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-20-10 at 15:18 +0100, Andy Whitcroft wrote:
> Paul Mackerras wrote:
> > Christoph Lameter writes:
> > 

I got dropped off the CC list somewhere..  :-(     

if something is bouncing, let me know,.. otherwise please dont do

> Mel Gorman and I have been poking at this from different ends.  Mel from
> the context of this thread and myself trying to fix a machine which was
> exhibiting on 32MB of ram in node 0 and the rest in node 1.
> I remember that we used to have code to cope with this in the ppc64
> architecture, indeed I remember reviewing it all that time ago.  Looking
> at the current state of the tree it was removed in the two patches below
> in mainline:
> 	"[PATCH] Remove SPAN_OTHER_NODES config definition"
> 	"[PATCH] mm: remove arch independent NODES_SPAN_OTHER_NODES"
> These commits:
> 	f62859bb6871c5e4a8e591c60befc8caaf54db8c
> 	a94b3ab7eab4edcc9b2cb474b188f774c331adf7
> I'll follow up to this email with the reversion patch we used in
> testing.  It seems to sort this problem out at least, though now its
> blam'ing in ibmveth, so am retesting with yet another patch.  This patch
> reverts the two patches above and updates the commentry on the Kconfig
> entry.

I've got a couple LPARs that exhibit the problem, so can verify your
patch once I see it.. 


> -apw

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