[PATCH] enable RTAS /proc for PowerPC/CHRP platform

Olaf Hering olaf at aepfle.de
Fri Oct 20 16:44:56 EST 2006

On Fri, Oct 20, Sven Luther wrote:

> Ben, would it make sense to add two informations to /proc/cpuinfo ?
> It would be great to have a field there which will allow to check for the
> kernel flavour to run, namely if the kernel/processor/whatever is running in
> 32bit or 64bit mode. The second field would be a generalized machine field,
> or plateform or whatever, which would easily allow to differentiate between an
> apple machine, a ibm chrp, a pegasos or other genesi product, etc. Without
> necessarily having to maintain a huge amount of userlanf mappings from all
> those different machine: fields, which all have CHRP, true, but no finer
> grained informations, while we do have it in the kernel.

/proc/device-tree/{model,device_type,compatible} is enough to map
everything reliable in the installer. Dont pollute /proc/cpuinfo
further. There has already enough stuff that doesnt belong there, like
pmac-generation, 'pmac flags', 'detected as', motherboard and machine.
Oh, and bogomips...

About 32bit/64bit, maybe VmallocTotal from /proc/meminfo can be used.
incredible large numer == must be a 64bit kernel
No idea how reliable it is. There are those 36bit systems, but I bet
they dont run a distro.

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