ibmveth and LIOBN field

Santiago Leon santil at
Thu Oct 19 02:14:10 EST 2006

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> Hi Santiago !
> I'm a bit annoyed by a bit of code in the ibmveth driver:
> It accesses the iommu table pointer, to get the index and put it into
> it's own private adapter->liobn member. However, that is never used
> anywhere except in ibmveth_seq_show() for the /proc stuff to display
> th'is LIOBN value.
> Is this actually useful ? I'd like to just remove that code. 

I'll gladly sign off a patch that removes that code.  I think we used 
liobn in the driver a long time ago to do the tce mappings before we 
merged all the common virtual io code into arch/powerpc/vio.c.

Santiago A. Leon
Power Linux Development
IBM Linux Technology Center

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