preempt crash in 2.6.18

Rune Torgersen runet at
Sat Oct 14 00:16:52 EST 2006

This is from a Freescale 8265 running 2.6.18
Anyone have any idea what this is and how to fix it?

TIPC: Blocking bearer <eth:eth0>
huh, entered a0232b3c with preempt_count 00000102, exited with 00000203?
kernel BUG in __run_timers at kernel/timer.c:453!
Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 5 [#1]
NIP: A0024574 LR: A0024574 CTR: A0032104
REGS: a02cfd90 TRAP: 0700   Tainted: P       (2.6.18)
MSR: 00029032 <EE,ME,IR,DR>  CR: 44024024  XER: 00000000
TASK = a02900a8[0] 'swapper' THREAD: a02ce000
GPR00: A0024574 A02CFE40 A02900A8 0000004C A02F0E34 00004481 F4915203 00000000
GPR08: 00000008 00000203 DE53FE9C A02CE000 44024084 414404C0 0FFCE000 FFFFFFFF
GPR16: 00000000 0FFC8D68 007FFF00 0FF77600 00000002 00200040 00800000 007FFEA0
GPR24: 00000000 A02F0000 A0290000 A02F61C8 A02CFE50 00000102 A0232B3C A02CE000
NIP [A0024574] run_timer_softirq+0x12c/0x214
LR [A0024574] run_timer_softirq+0x12c/0x214
Call Trace:
[A02CFE40] [A0024574] run_timer_softirq+0x12c/0x214 (unreliable)
[A02CFE70] [A001F38C] __do_softirq+0x80/0xe4
[A02CFEA0] [A0009ACC] do_softirq+0x58/0x60
[A02CFEB0] [A001F450] irq_exit+0x60/0x80
[A02CFEC0] [A0009A28] do_IRQ+0x70/0xbc
[A02CFED0] [A00047B4] ret_from_except+0x0/0x14
[A02CFF90] [A000C9BC] cpu_idle+0xf8/0x108
[A02CFFB0] [A0003790] rest_init+0x4c/0x60
[A02CFFD0] [A02D06A4] start_kernel+0x1b8/0x1f4
[A02CFFF0] [000032C0] 0x32c0
Instruction dump:
7fa3eb78 7fc803a6 83bf000c 4e800021 80df000c 3c60a025 7f86e800 3863eaf4
7fc4f378 7fa5eb78 419e000c 4bff4dfd <0fe00000> 7c0000a6 5400045e 7c000124
Kernel panic - not syncing: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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