[PATCH] spufs: fix support for read/write on cntl

Arnd Bergmann arnd.bergmann at de.ibm.com
Tue Oct 10 18:27:29 EST 2006

From: "Noguchi, Masato" <Masato.Noguchi at jp.sony.com>

This fixes a memory leak introduced by "spufs: add support
for read/write oncntl", which was missing a call to simple_attr_close.

Signed-off-by: Masato Noguchi <Masato.Noguchi at jp.sony.com>
Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd.bergmann at de.ibm.com>


On Tuesday 10 October 2006 08:49, Noguchi, Masato wrote:
> Oops,
> I'm so sorry. I mistake to send wrong patch.

Ok, no worries. Paul, please use this patch instead.

Index: linux-2.6/arch/powerpc/platforms/cell/spufs/file.c
--- linux-2.6.orig/arch/powerpc/platforms/cell/spufs/file.c
+++ linux-2.6/arch/powerpc/platforms/cell/spufs/file.c
@@ -246,6 +246,7 @@ static int spufs_cntl_open(struct inode 
 static struct file_operations spufs_cntl_fops = {
 	.open = spufs_cntl_open,
+	.release = simple_attr_close,
 	.read = simple_attr_read,
 	.write = simple_attr_write,
 	.mmap = spufs_cntl_mmap,

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