2.6.19-rc1: known regressions (v2)

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Sun Oct 8 18:56:39 EST 2006


Adrian Bunk wrote:
> This email lists some known regressions in 2.6.19-rc1 compared to 2.6.18
> that are not yet fixed Linus' tree.
> If you find your name in the Cc header, you are either submitter of one
> of the bugs, maintainer of an affectected subsystem or driver, a patch
> of you was declared guilty for a breakage or I'm considering you in any
> other way possibly involved with one or more of these issues.
> Due to the huge amount of recipients, please trim the Cc when answering.

> Subject    : ueagle-atm Oops
> References : http://lkml.org/lkml/2006/10/6/390
> Submitter  : Ernst Herzberg <list-lkml at net4u.de>
> Handled-By : Matthieu Castet <castet.matthieu at free.fr>
> Status     : unknown
Guilty     :

Patch available at 
https://mail.gna.org/public/ueagleatm-dev/2006-10/msg00022.html , but 
some cleaning is need (I wasn't aware of "USB: fix __must_check warnings 
in drivers/usb/atm/" patch).


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