Simple script to build all configs

Olof Johansson olof at
Fri Oct 6 12:53:34 EST 2006

Jeremy asked for it, so I figured more might have use for it. Simple
script to build all defconfigs for an arch.

I use it with ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE set outside of the script, i.e. 
$ ARCH=powerpc ~/bin/buildall

I also pass in TARGET="vmlinux modules" in cases where default targets
don't build (very common on ARCH=ppc).


export CC="ccache gcc"

make mrproper

for config in arch/$ARCH/configs/* ; do
	CONFIG=`basename $config`
	echo -n $ARCH.$CONFIG: ;
	yes "" | make $CONFIG >buildall.log 2>&1
	if make $TARGET -j 5 >>buildall.log 2>&1 ; then
		mv buildall.log $ARCH.$CONFIG.log.passed
		echo "	passed"
		mv buildall.log $ARCH.$CONFIG.log.failed
		echo "	failed"

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