[PATCH 10/11] Add MPC8360EMDS board support

Tim Bird tim.bird at am.sony.com
Thu Oct 5 03:28:25 EST 2006

Dan Malek wrote:
> I'm not against using the device tree (or platform data
> or #defines) when it's appropriate to do so.  I think our
> obsession to represent everything there is what is
> creating the complexity.  If a #define in a board
> specific port file makes sense, then just do that,
> even if it is a BSCR address.  The device tree just
> seems like the new toy that everyone wants to play
> with, and we are forgetting that the old fashioned way
> of just writing some C code may be the way
> to implement what we need.

I'd like to "second" a lot of what Dan is saying.

Linux increasingly drifts away from simple, adequate
solutions (that admittedly require a bit of embedded
developer elbow grease), towards these types of
"grand unification" schemes, which actually interfere
with goals in the embedded space.

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Electronics

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