[PATCH 0/15] Add support for QE and 8360EMDS board

Kim Phillips kim.phillips at freescale.com
Sun Oct 1 09:31:57 EST 2006

I'm resending Leo Li's 8360 patches. This series applies cleanly to the latest powerpc git tree, includes Leo's latest, removes typedefs, and converts some uint types to u32.

There is a problem with ucc_geth that is introduced with the platform_device to of_device conversion. This can (and will) be addressed during the bugfix stage.



The series of patches add generic QE infrastructure called
qe_lib, and MPC8360EMDS board support.  Qe_lib is used by
QE device drivers such as ucc_geth driver.

This version updates QE interrupt controller to use new irq
mapping mechanism, addresses all the comments received with
last submission and includes some style fixes.

v2: Change to use device tree for BCSR and MURAM;
Remove I/O port interrupt handling code as it is not generic

v3: Address comments from Kumar;  Update definition of several
device tree nodes;  Copyright style change.

- Leo

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