dtc: .quad asm directive generation

Jon Loeliger jdl at jdl.com
Wed Mar 15 11:06:57 EST 2006

So, like, the other day "Mark A. Greer" mumbled:
> > 
> > And finally, as of, well right about now, until October or so, I'm
> > expecting to be unavailable, off travelling and things.  In the
> > interim Jon Loeliger of Freescale has agreed to be dtc maintainer.
> Jon, any comments?

For 9 months nothing.  Dave abdicates his DTC maintainer role to me.
The very next day, all hell breaks loose!  Of _course_ I have comments!

Uh, I've been bitten by the difference between the binary and asm
form of these outputs before as well.  Specifically where the reserve
map included its own layout region as a reserve block.  IIRC, though,
it was a physical versus virtual address problem that, though understood,
we didn't really resolve.

I was eventually forced to move along, as that was not the battle I
was looking for.  Our U-Boot eventually went to a straight binary
form that was directly munged into a C array definition and side-stepped
that issue.

As for the 64-bit-ness problem, I'm willing to accept donated 64-bit
hardware that would allow me to test the problems you are seeing. :-)

I mean, any patches that drift my way will be considered. :-)

Oh, and, give me a couple days to clone and set up a repository too...


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