Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Jul 28 06:35:43 EST 2006

>> These two lines don't need the msi.o and msi-altix.o AFAICS.
> Yup, you are right...updated patch included below.

Looks fine now, thanks.

>>> +msiobj-$(CONFIG_PPC_PSERIES) += msi-rtas.o
>> I think this file should live in arch/powerpc, and so should this
>> Makefile fragment.
> I'm following the current MSI methodologies where arch specific MSI  
> code
> lives in drivers/pci.  This is just like msi-altix.c.

True, but our core support lives in arch/.  The same is true for PHB
code etc.; if Altix messed this up, that doesn't mean we need to :-)

>> Other than that, can we please have the part that doesn't build the
>> "generic" MSI stuff included ASAP?

This would naturally fall out as a separate patch then, as well.

>>> Index: 2.6-msi/drivers/pci/msi-rtas.c
>> Maybe msi-papr.c is a better name btw?  Not that I care :-)
> IMHO I don't like PAPR names because they like changing them on a  
> whim.
> RTAS is a bit more persistent.

Maybe msi-pseries then?  Oh wait, they changed that name too ;-)

> I don't really care...If anyone feels real strongly about it, I'll
> change it.

If you move this code to arch/powerpc/platforms/pseries/, you could
just call it "msi.c".  I don't like the msi-rtas name -- but, I don't
feel that strongly about it, just a suggestion.


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