[PATCH] Add USB to MPC8349 PB platform support

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 06:19:41 EST 2006

> I agree.  The customers of board ports I've done over the years
> are always eager to get these into the public sources.  It just
> seems we run out of time during the pressure of trying to get
> the products done, and they just issue them on CDs or for
> download afterward.

For our boards, I am somewhat more eager to get our port in U-Boot than
in the Linux kernel for a number of reasons.

First; it is always interesting to see how other ppl handle simular
problems during boot up.

Secondly; U-Boot is used to set configuration options at bootup, e.g.
for multi purpose pins. Having your changes (to registers), fixes or
silicon bugs might help ppl and avoid them to look for a silicon bug

If I submit a port of our board to U-Boot, clearly comment the changes
(e.g. enable GPIO on pin X while setting registers); I hope that some
ppl can use it. Next to this, Wolfgang is doing a *very* good job of
keeping his tree clean and giving good pointers to problems and clean up
strategies that serve us all.

Having my changes for our boards that are very specific since they are
connected to FPGAs would IMHO serve little purpose in the Linux kernel:
there is very limited access to the hardware and it would only serve to
clutter the kernel with an exponentionally growing number of ports that
most ppl will never use. I think (even though using ARCH and
CROSS_COMPILE during compilation limits the audience); the target
audience between U-Boot and the Linux kernel is slightly different.

Though I do agree that there is a gap: it would be nice to have some
place to submit the kernel patches; possibly not included in the main
tree; just to see how other ppl are tackling the same problem and
avoiding re-doing the same work for the nth time (e.g. writing some
communciation protocol where there are a number of references of ppl
haveing done them, but no real code).

  greetz, marc
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