ppc -> powerpc porting

Vitaly Bordug vbordug at ru.mvista.com
Tue Jul 11 03:41:58 EST 2006

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 12:14:24 -0500
"Rune Torgersen" <runet at innovsys.com> wrote:

> To make my life a little easier: Does anybody have a list of stuff to
> watch out for/need to do when porting a board from ppc to powerpc?
> The board uses a Freescale 8265 and runs under 2.6.17, using platfrom
> device support for accessing fs_enet driver.
We have mpc8272 under arch/powerpc as work-in-progress, latest fs_enet being merged now.

I think it'll be a week or 2 before first submit, so it may make sense just to wait a bit :)


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