Help: FCC driver does not handle IPV6 multicast packet

Bizhan Gholikhamseh (bgholikh) bgholikh at
Wed Jan 25 11:14:53 EST 2006

HI All,
Our custom board is based on PPC 8541 running Linux 2.6.11.
We have NO issue if FCC is operating in 100 Mbs. However, if we
configure the interface  in 10 Mbs we see the following behavior:
If IPV6 is enabled, as soon as the FCC network interface is plumbed
through "ifconfig" system call, we observe the CPU load increases to 90
and most of the load is related to softirq process. A traceroute command
on the interface displays an IPV6 multicast packet continuously getting
If we bring the interface down through the ifconfig, we do not observe
the problem
no longer. The strange thing is we do not observe this behavior if the
is plumbed 100 Mbs.
We need to root cause this and have no idea what to look for, any idea
Many thanks in advance,
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