AGPGART driver for ArticiaS - ioremap() problem

Gerhard Pircher gerhard_pircher at
Thu Jan 19 21:52:47 EST 2006

> > I set the AGP aperture base register and agp_bridge->gart_bus_addr to
> > 0x01000000 (>=16MB) (trial and error :-) and it seems to work with
> > cant_use_aperture=1 
> Makes sense, since this value is right in the middle of your RAM :) What
> does the firmware sets the base register too ?
I did a readout of all AGP related registers and the base register was set
to 0x0, so the firmware doesn't set it up at all.

> Can't you try to allocate some resource in the PCI area that isn't
> already occupied instead ?
I though the GART base address should be in memory space!?
Sorry for this dumb question: how can I allocate a resource in the PCI area?
I'm not yet familiar with the whole Linux PCI/MM API. :) With something like

> > (and without the modification in drm_vm.c). Even the X
> > server maps all the data to this address and displays a login screen.
> > Unfortunately it always freezes in. I guess this is due to the missing
> > GART flush functionality. So I have to get this working first.
> Yah, that would be pretty bad...
Indeed! :)


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