[PATCH] Add support for Freescale 83xx Host Mode USB

Randy Vinson rvinson at mvista.com
Thu Jan 19 05:54:39 EST 2006

     I've attached a patch (based on 2.6.16-rc1) which adds Host mode
support for the Dual-Role(DR) and Multi-Port-Host (MPH) USB controllers
found in the Freescale 8349. Note that this patch only provides the
platform-specific code that sets up the external hardware and pin
configuration. The actual DR and MPH controller driver is being posted
on the linux-usb-devel mailing list.

     Using a Freescale 8349CDS reference board, the DR controller was
successfully tested using a USB 2.0 high speed FLASH drive, a USB 1.1
full speed 4-port hub and a Siemens SpeedStream USB to Ethernet adapter.
The MPH controller has been successfully tested with a USB 2.0 high
speed FLASH drive. Attempts to run USB 1.1 devices with the MPH
controller have proven unsuccessful.

           Randy Vinson
           MontaVista Software

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