Linux-2.4.31 porting

Mark Chambers markc at
Wed Jan 18 07:31:09 EST 2006

Linux-2.4.31 porting

>Hello u all!
>        Have you already ported a linux-2.4.31 to be used on a PPC mpc8272
(or anyone from the family) based board?
>        The problem that I have is that i don't have console. As far as i
could debug, the kernel stucks on my_console_write (in
arch/ppc/cpm2_io/uart.c), waiting >for transmitter fifo to empty (line
2298 - "while (bdp->cbd_sc & BD_SC_READY)").
>        Any suggestions will be highly welcomed!

I have used 2.4.24 running on an mpc8247 based board.  My board uses SMC1,
SCC3 and SCC4 for tty,
(console on SCC4) so I had to edit the configuration in uart.c, but no other
changes.  You probably have
a configuration mis-match, maybe your parallel port pins are not getting set
up right.

By the way, 2.4.24 put FCC ethernet tables in reserved memory, but I think
that was fixed by 2.4.31.
Check that you have CONFIG_8272 in your .config file to be sure.

Also, I worked from CONFIG_ADS8260 and I couldn't make a bit of sense of the
PCI implementation.
I think the mpc8266ads_pci.c implementation assumes some setup from the
bootloader. I'll be glad to share
what I did (though I'm not very sure of it) if you run into the same

Mark Chambers

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