[AGPGART] Attempting to create a agpgart driver for ArticiaS, help appreciated!

dabby bentam db260179 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 4 21:51:58 EST 2006

This is a long shot.

Between me and geri pircher we are trying to get the agpgart driver working 
for the pegasos 1 and amigaone boards (using the ArticiaS northbridge 

Find the attached source file (articias-agp.c), You might need to remove the 
debug code.

So far, the aperture size works and is detected as 204m, but the gatt table 
cannot allocate any  memory - complains that ioremap is using memory from 

The ArticiaS masks its bridge memory (i'm sure the uninorth does the same?).

Is there anyway to find out the mask memory, or is the code completly wrong?

This source code should work on 2.6 kernel.

Thanks for any help or guidence in advance.

PegXlin Developer

Pegxmac, Pegxlin

Versatile LIVE CD's for Pegasos Mainboards


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