[PATCH] powerpc: Remove device_node addrs/n_addr

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Tue Jan 3 00:15:40 EST 2006

 On Tue, Dec 13, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> The pre-parsed addrs/n_addrs fields in struct device_node are finally
> gone. Remove the dodgy heuristics that did that parsing at boot and
> remove the fields themselves since we now have a good replacement with
> the new OF parsing code. This patch also fixes a bunch of drivers to use
> the new code instead, so that at least pmac32, pseries, iseries and g5
> defconfigs build.

> +++ linux-work/include/asm-powerpc/prom.h	2005-12-13 17:51:20.000000000 +1100

> @@ -120,8 +82,6 @@ struct device_node {
>  	char	*type;
>  	phandle	node;
>  	phandle linux_phandle;
> -	int	n_addrs;
> -	struct	address_range *addrs;
>  	int	n_intrs;
>  	struct	interrupt_info *intrs;
>  	char	*full_name;

Is this patch supposed to be complete? I will find references to n_addrs
in arch/powerpc:

hydra_init, chrp_find_bridges, chrp_find_openpic, comment in

short story of a lazy sysadmin:
 alias appserv=wotan

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