Linux v2.6.18-rc5

Mikael Pettersson mikpe at
Wed Aug 30 19:00:45 EST 2006

Paul Mackerras writes:
 > Olaf,
 > This patch should fix it.  The problem was that I was comparing a
 > 32-bit quantity with a 64-bit quantity, and consequently time wasn't
 > advancing.  This makes us use a 64-bit quantity on all platforms,
 > which ends up simplifying the code since we can now get rid of the
 > tb_last_stamp variable (which actually fixes another bug that Ben H
 > and I noticed while going carefully through the code).
 > This works fine on my G4 tibook.  Let me know how it goes on your
 > machines.

Thanks. This fixed a kernel hang bug on my G4 eMac with 2.6.18-rc5.

The vanilla kernel ran fine until I tar xvf'd a file from an NFS-mount,
then everything ground to a halt.


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