[PATCH 02/13] IB/ehca: includes

Hoang-Nam Nguyen HNGUYEN at de.ibm.com
Wed Aug 30 19:13:26 EST 2006

> Christoph Raisch wrote on 18.08.2006 17:35:54:
> we'll change these EDEBs to a wrapper around dev_err, dev_dbg and
> dev_warn as it's done in the mthca driver.
> All EDEB_EN and EDEB_EX will be removed, that type of tracing can be
> done if needed by kprobes.
> There are a few cases where we won't get to a dev, for these few
> places we'll use a simple wrapper around printk, as done in ipoib.
We incorporated those changes throughout ehca code, which is accessible
Roland's git tree:
Further comments/suggestions are appreciated!
Hoang-Nam Nguyen

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