libnuma interleaving oddness

Andi Kleen ak at
Wed Aug 30 17:19:13 EST 2006

mous pages.
> The order is (with necessary params filled in):
> p = mmap( , newsize, RW, PRIVATE, unlinked_hugetlbfs_heap_fd, );
> numa_interleave_memory(p, newsize);
> mlock(p, newsize); /* causes all the hugepages to be faulted in */
> munlock(p,newsize);
> From what I gathered from the numa manpages, the interleave policy
> should take effect on the mlock, as that is "fault-time" in this
> context. We're forcing the fault, that is.

mlock shouldn't be needed at all here. the new hugetlbfs is supposed
to reserve at mmap time and numa_interleave_memory() sets a VMA 
policy which will should do the right thing no matter when the fault

Hmm, maybe mlock() policy() is broken.


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