Broken Firewire 400/SCSI on ppc Powerbook5,8

Stefan Richter stefanr at
Fri Aug 25 05:43:47 EST 2006

Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> Because i hate to burden my lousy memory with what I did to produce
> the logs above, I scrambled together my admittedly marginal bash
> knowledge and ran the tests with 4 scripts to produce the logs.
> All the following below is to give you control on how these logs were
> created.

Thanks, I will look at them as soon as I have my lookup table for the 
hex codes and the mental capacity available. :-) BTW, a convenient way 
to annotate the syslog is the command "logger". E.g.
$ logger "hello world"
$ ./hello_world 2>&1 | logger -t hi_world
Stefan Richter
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