[RFC] HOWTO use NAPI to reduce TX interrupts

Shirley Ma xma at us.ibm.com
Wed Aug 23 11:29:37 EST 2006

> > This is a digression from spidernet, but what if a device is able to
> > generate separate MSIs for TX and RX?  Some people from IBM have
> > suggested that it is beneficial for throughput to handle TX work and
> > RX work for IP-over-InfiniBand in parallel on separate CPUs, and
> > handling everything through the ->poll() method would defeat this.
> The TX work is so incredibly cheap, relatively speaking, compared
> to the full input packet processing path that the RX side runs
> that I see no real benefit.
> In fact, you might even get better locality due to the way the
> locking can be performed if TX reclaim runs inside of ->poll()

We are still comparing these two approaches IPoIB performance under
different configurations. Hopefully the performance work can be done soon.
So we can have some data to share.

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